scholarship personal statement

| August 27, 2015

scholarship personal statement

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international student from China, graduated from Seattle Central College this Spring. Earned a associated degree. This scholarship is only available to UW Bothell students who transferred to UW Bothell from a Seattle Community College and earned associated degree. Majoring in Media Communication studies.
I meet all the eligibility below:
“The Biella Seattle Community College Transfer Student Scholarship is a one time scholarship to a Transfer Student from North, Central or South Seattle Community College. Student must have completed an Associate’s degree.

The scholarship is offered through the support of the Biella Foundation and its founder Mart Bert and is designed to assist a student who has completed their associates of arts degree at either North, Central or South Seattle Community College and is currently attending or admitted to attend the University of Washington Bothell in Autumn of 2015 to complete their bachelor’s degree in any degree field.

The Biella Seattle Community College Transfer Student scholarship is available to a full-time student that has been admitted to or is currently enrolled in the University of Washington Bothell. Preference will be given to students who have financial need and who are committed to completing their undergraduate education. You must be enrolled Autumn 2015 as a UW Bothell student.”

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