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| February 3, 2016

Students enrolled in this course are required to submit a research paper (NOT a research essay) worth 25% of the overall grade. The purpose of this paper is to analyse empirical data, in this instance, an actual criminal case, using one of the criminological models studied in this course. For this purpose you will be expected to:
i) To summarize in 1 – 2 pages the key facts of your case.
ii) To use one criminological theories (e.g. Conflict, Strain, Labelling, etc.) to critically
analyse your case.

This is a formal Research Paper. Guidelines are available on CourseLink. This is NOT a Research Essay. A paper submitted in Research Essay format will receive a grade of zero.
A Rubric for this assignment will be available on CourseLink.
The writing style for this assignment is American Psychological Association (APA). A handout describing APA style is available through the Guelph-Humber library and the University of California Berkeley also has an online version of the APA style sheet.

The table below will used to determine essay grades. Note: the number of sources makes you eligible for the associated grade but does NOT guarantee the grade. In order to qualify as a ‘source’ the piece must satisfy the following criteria:
1) peer reviewed,
2) a valid and reliable primary source retrieved from the University of Guelph online databases or a government source. Other sources i.e., books (including Text), magazines, newspapers, Internet blogs or websites etc. may be used but will NOT be included in determining number of sources.
3) any source listed in the References MUST be summarized in the Literature Review section A paper using less than 5 peer-reviewed sources will receive a grade of zero.

A reference page is mandatory. A paper without a reference page will receive a grade of zero and may be considered Academic Misconduct.

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