Rewrite Restructure Essay

| April 9, 2015
Rewrite Restructure Essay
Have to provide with a planning (can be a mind map/outline),
Rewrite, restructure and retitle the article on page 5, which is written in journalistic language, so that it conforms to the
structural, syntactical, and lexical requirements of effective academic writing.
In assessment one: two paragraphs, you developed skills in making an argument and developing body paragraph structure. In this second
assessment, you will build on these skills, composing a longer essay.
Plan and write an essay that restructures and rewrites the source material to give it academic qualities. The original possesses the
attributes of journalistic writing: no formal introduction or conclusion; personal, rather than issue-centred, content, short
paragraphs without theme sentences or unity; and personal, subjective, and informal language. Your restructured and rephrased essay
will possess the attributes of academic writing: formal essay structure with logical sequence; issue-centred content, and impersonal,
objective, formal and precise language. Retain the relevant information (albeit substantially reworded), but omit points more suitable
to a magazine article or blog post than an academic essay.
Because you are only responding to one source material with which your markers are already familiar, you do not need to include in-
text citations or a reference list. This assignment is designed to focus your attention on essay structure and formal language. In the
final assignment, the essay, you will be focusing on integrating sources and writing correctly a formatted reference list. However,
please be aware that in general, essays require in-text citations and a reference list.
Write the essay using your own words and sentence structures. Do not replace words in existing sentence structures with synonyms. Do
not quote or provide references. Your essay overall, and the body paragraphs within it, must conform to the structural and linguistic
requirements outlined in the Textbook and discussed in class.
Come up with a new title for the text and are not allowed to add in more information only what was given, as i am enrolled in a
diploma course please do not use such high level of english as it would create doubt
not more then 1000 words
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