Revenue Managament

| August 25, 2015

A group report only need to do these these questions only no need to introduce event information . references academic source only. turnitin similarly lower than 6%. 1.Revenue management strategies for this event.
2. Draw a schedule showing the key dates.***(use smart sheet) ***8make another file and put in the report.(plz upload with individual file )
3. Can this event be profitable for the event stakeholders? Explain why. Event information **Scope and background of our event .** Summer Beach Party at Bondi Beach. The biggest summer beach party in Australia Not many beach party in Sydney. The only beach party is Milk Way New Year’s Day
2. Event date, location and target group, demographic characteristic for this event and how event goers view your value proposition for this event.
Date: 12 Feb 2016 (University Holiday) Time: 6pm – 6am
Location: Bondi Beach (convenient)
Target Group: 18 years old – 35 years old, especially students Cost: $50 per tix The capacity of Bondi Beach – 10,000. We aim to attract 5,000 pax Partner: with one of the night club in Sydney?? Sponsors: have to suit the demographic

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