Restoration of Old Manuscripts

| February 6, 2015

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hi, how are you? I just my supervisor today, he read what you had prepared, he explained me a problem in old manuscripts, as you know in old manuscripts there are some handwritten (words + letters) got break, gap or space, he concentrated on the problem which is how we connect the break, gap or space in the line of a letter, how to connect two points in same object. For example, “L” letter in old manuscripts not connected got a break caused by many reasons. He wants me read some articles about this problem in restoration of old manuscripts and summarize them and find out a general architecture of each one of them separately, architecture means steps or stage how they “authors” solved this a problem before, then compare between them, after that we choose the best method of them then improve it.
Before I order this order and pay the money, do you get what he means? do you get what the problem he mentioned about?
please refer to the uploaded file to see the figures to clear what he means. Figure 1 contains a letter this letter contains 1 break. Figure 2 a letter contains 3 breaks. the figures show the break or gap in the objects (Words + letters ), I just want to make sure that you totally get what my supervisor means, and when you summarize the articles try to add more details to make every thing clear, and find out the method, the algorithm or the technique as steps or stages from each article and how authors solved that problem (break or gap), how they inpaint that break and make it connected. Finally, try to make the Literature review separated (each article alone ) and gather them from high impact factor journals.
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