researched literary analysis

| November 25, 2014

researched literary analysis

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Make a 5 page literary analysis research paper with at least 5 sources. Use ANY famous poet you can find a lot of info on (Robert Frost). I am copying and pasting the info from two assignments which may help give a clearer description of what I need. ***I only need a final draft*** Please call or email me if you need any clarification. Thank you!

Assignment 11: Working thesis; 3 – 4 possible body points; 5 possible scholarly sources. Due by 11:59 PM, 11/7. Peer comments due by 11:59 PM, 11/8.
• Consider the poets you’ve encountered in the lectures, text, sample papers, and in the Voices and Visions film. Choose one, and begin a data base search of scholarly articles. Create a working thesis for a 5 – 6-page scholarly researched paper. Using materials from Literature Resource, Jstor (data bases available through Sierra’s online library, Poetry Foundation, Voices and Visions, our text, and other scholarly sources, add 3 – 4 body points to the working thesis, with at least 2 sub-points for each body points. Note the sample papers below and the student papers in the text, including the information in the research chapter.
•Eng 1B Sample Dickinson poetry essay 2014.docxView in a new window
•Eng 1B Sample Frost research RD 2014.docxView in a new window
•This analysis is very similar to the essays you completed on a short story: you’ll focus on a style or voice or symbols or irony or form or themes . . .and then back up the discussion with outside sources.
•Use ideas and details from the Voices film, if that poet interests you, as the ideas discussed by the scholars on each film are the same ideas you’ll find discussed in the data base articles or articles you might find at Poetry Foundation.
•Realize that the thesis and body points should be focused and appropriate for a 5 – 6-page draft, which will “write itself” very quickly: you’ll back up each body point with at least one source, and you’ll also quote from the poems themselves as part of the discussion. Paragraphs develop quickly with the blended and block quotations, as you can see in the sample papers in our text and the files.
• Post the working thesis and body points on Discussions by 11:59 PM, 11/7, and include at least 5 working sources from scholarly sources. Use MLA format to list the sources after your body points; see our text information, or go to the Purdue OWL site for more details.
• Post comments on at least one thesis , body points, and 5 sources by 11:59 PM, 11/8, writing at least 4 – 6 complete sentences.

Assignment 12: Researched Poetry Analysis & Comments. Due by 11:59 PM, 11/17. NOTE ADDED DAYS FOR DUE DATE :). 50 points. Comments will be for extra credit, due by 11:59 PM, 11/18. 10 points.
•Review chapter 22A in the text, paying careful attention to the information that reviews the research paper. Note the Whitman sample paper as well, and do look at the MLA details in the appendix at the end of our text.
•Develop the working thesis and body points into a rough draft. Make sure that each body point has at least one scholarly source to support the discussion. Quoting a poem is in addition to using the data base and other scholarly source information. Use MLA format for this, and review how to write a researched literary analysis:
•Eng 1B Research Information 2014.docView in a new window
•Post your draft of 5 – 6 pages, with sources in the body AND a Works Cited page, on Discussions.
•For 10 possible points of extra credit (this is a change, to lighten the load this week), comment on at least one peer draft, using this rubric, posting your extra credit ideas on the same Discussion board, near the draft, by 11:59 PM, 11/18:
•Eng 1B Research Peer editing #2.docView in a new window
•Read through the other drafts and any comments you receive. Pay special attention to transitions in to and out of the quotations.
•Begin completing the final draft.
•You’re almost done!


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