Research Proposal Samsung galaxy

| May 25, 2015

My  organisation is Samsung galaxy

Research the hot topics about innovation related to this organisation

Then develop an innovation management action plan based on these criteria:


Cover page

Executive summary

Table of contents


  • Discuss 3 hot topics about innovation related to your organisation .
  • Develop an idea for an innovative product or service based on the goals and portfolio management for the organisation .
  • Discuss how your innovation will be streamlined with the organisations current capabilities .

Body of report

  • Design thinking about your innovation- include a diagram depicting the innovation
  • User involvement .
  • Fast integration- time, costs, resources .
  • Prototyping and testing capabilities .
  • Cross functional management .


  • Discuss future innovations that might affect your innovative idea


  • At least 15 needed with the majority being 2014-2015
  • Harvard format
  • Must include a range of references- books, articles, websites


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Category: Business Studies

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