Research Paper-Nursing

| April 6, 2015
Research Paper-Nursing
Complete the “Practice Exercise” on p.174-176 of Walker & Avant. Bring the completed exercise to class and be prepared to discuss (a)
how you completed the exercise, and (b) how the exercise might have differed if you used a specific different concept analysis method
that you read about.
The exercise is to have you think through the steps of the concept analysis method described by Walker and Avant – and outline each
step in the same way the example is presented on p.174-175 of Walker and Avant. To make it easier, they provide you with the concept
to use in the exercise (i.e., play) and give you suggestions for the defining attributes and related cases. It is not a formal
analysis – you are not looking in the literature for examples of play – just thinking through the steps of a concept analysis to see
how doing so allows you to better understand a concept – in this case, what it means to play.
To get started, copy the headings from the outline on p.174-175 and start filling it in related to the concept of play.
Concept: Play
Aim of Analysis: Develop operational definition of the theoretical concept of play
Defining attributes: In all cases of play, each of the following attributes is present: (and so on)
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