Research: Medicine and Health

| April 14, 2015
Research: Medicine and Health
For this project you will visit the provided website (or find one you prefer) and access three articles about any pharmaceutical- related subject that interest you and read the articles. You will then summarize and present the information for the three articles in a PowerPoint presentation. The same guidelines apply to presentations that apply to a written paper- citing sources, proper grammar and reference slides. You should review general guidelines for creating PowerPoint presentations to ensure that you are not “information-overload” on each slide. Website for free article
There is not a slide number requirement- three articles should provide at least three slides per article as well as a cover slide and reference slide. ? Always know what you are reporting! Questions may be asked of you and you
Please put the paper on the power point I created, I will upload the file.You need to find three different articles.
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Category: Health and Medicine

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