Research Assignment

| August 22, 2015

Research Assignment

Assessment criteria
Includes a clear statement of the nature and boundaries of the topic.
Includes an effective introduction which identifies the relevant health and
wellbeing plan (either from your local council or the national Indigenous
health plan) – and provides context and introduces key points.


1. Describes a minimum of three (3) key priority health areas requiring
action as identified in the selected health and wellbeing plan. (3 marks)
2. Identifies a minimum of three (3) of the most ‘at-risk’ groups (those most
vulnerable and in need) and discuss why they are considered ‘at-risk’.
(6 marks)
3. Identifies one priority health area and discusses three (3)
determinants of health relevant to it.
Demonstrate your understanding of how these determinants (social,
environmental and/or biological) are linked to the priority area and its
associated outcomes (3 marks)
4. Describes what is being planned as a strategy to improve the chosen
health priority (3 marks)
5. Discusses how that strategy compares to what is considered effective
‘best-practice’ to improve the same health priority (5 marks)
Provide clear explanations, specific and relevant examples, plus logical
supporting evidence.

Written clarity and presentation of the paper
Logical linking of paragraphs, use of appropriate sentence structure,
punctuation, grammar and spelling. Includes margins and 1.5 spacing.
Includes a title page with student name, student number and word count.

Harvard or APA style applied correctly to the assignment, including in-text
citations and reference list. At least five (5) sources of information included.

Reflective Practice
The reflection describes how the requirements of this assignment contribute to
developing skills and knowledge relevant to your course – perhaps even your
career pathway as a health or other professional. For example, discuss how
knowledge regarding the determinants of health can be beneficial. Provide
specific examples.





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