Report about critical analysis of the teaching plan

| August 30, 2015

Prepare a report detailing your critical analysis of the teaching plan you developed and of the teaching session.(1500 words)
Your report should demonstrate:
• Critical analysis of decisions for the development of the teaching plan (Refer back to your learning modules – for example, what factors did you need to consider in relation to the context, environment and learner)
• Explanation of the interrelationships between theory and own ideas (Refer back to module 1 – for example, ‘Learning Theory and models of clinical education)
• Critical use of evidence and literature to justify and support selection of approaches to teaching and learning eg you need to support the choices you make in your teaching plan (Refer back to learning modules)
i will upload important files like
– teaching plan that i uses it for this assessment
– modules

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Category: Nursing

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