Religious Education

| August 30, 2015

* No internet sources are allowed only journal articles may be from a website, church documents and religious education scholarship, broader educational scholarship and books.
*Must use APA6 referencing.
All answers should be related the primary religious education curriculum. The answers should include references to ideas and innovations from current religious education scholarship and church documents to support your answer. You may include broader educational scholarship to add to these findings.
How will the demographics of a religious education classroom affect the teaching of religious education in the primary school context? e.g non-english speaking background, non-catholics, cognitive learning difficulties, language delay difficulties, children who don’t learn the same way? (200 words)
How can teachers cater for gifted and talented students in the religious curriculum? (150-200 words)
How can teachers cater for ATSI students in the religious education currciculum? (150-200 words)
What are the benefits of individual tasks/activities in religious curriculum? (150-200 words)
What are the befits of co-operative learning and group activities in religious curriculum? (150-200 words)
How and why should ICT be used in the religious curriculum? (150-200 words)
What are the benefits of multiple intelligences in the religious education curriculum? (150-200 words)
Why use assessment for learning in religious education? (150-200 words)
How can real life examples/case studies/activities help to teach religious education? (150-200 words)
What is the purpose of religious literacy and how can it benefit students in religious education? (150-200 words).

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