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This project involves the creation of a content-valid test about the topic of “reliability” and an accompanying report.

Test Specifications
Test should be made up of 10 multiple-choice items, all assessing the construct of “reliability” (please note: all the items you create should be about the topic of “reliability”; therefore, your test should assess individuals’ knowledge of reliability; you are not simply creating a reliable test), with three answer choices each.
Use knowledge, principle, and application item types. Follow the item writing guidelines presented in the “Test Development” lecture (see the link below).
Support your test item development with a process-by-content matrix table. Also, be sure to include appropriate instructions and an answer key. Include these components in the appendix of your report
Report Specifications

For this assignment, imagine that you were contracted to develop a content-valid reliability test for Tests and Measures Testing Corporation to be used in future Tests and Measures courses.
Write a two- to three-page report in APA (6th edition) format documenting the steps you took to develop your content-valid test and the steps you would take if you were to administer the test.
Discuss in detail the steps you would take to administer your test to a pilot sample. Also, be sure to include the following components in your report

Introduction and purpose of the test development
Background on reliability (explain and define what reliability is)
Item development process
Proposed method of administration
Conclusion and recommendations
References in APA (6th edition) format
Appendix with process-by-content matrix, test, and answer key

Use three answer options.
Distractors must be plausible.
Avoid “none/all of the above” as an option.
Make all answer options approximately the same length.
Do not give irrelevant clues to the correct answer (keyed response).
Randomly vary the position of the correct answer (keyed response).
Arrange the answer options in a systematic fashion, such as alphabetically, numerically, or other logical sequence.
There should be only one correct or clearly best answer.
Avoid specific determiners, such as “always,” “never,” “all,” “none,” etc.
Generally, avoid negatively stated items (especially double negatives). However, if used, negatives should be underlined or capitalized.
For example: “Which of the following is NOT a strategy for establishing the reliability of a measure?”
Write the stem as a question (rather than a fill-in-the-blank).

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