Relation between KM&IT

| May 10, 2015

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I need the discussion to be written 100% original( no references. All will be based on the results and its implications
Thee main hypothesis that should be tested are:
Testing of hypothesis
1. Relation between KM&IT Where…
KM independent
IT dependent
2. Relation between KM&KM Strasegies where…
KM independent
KMStrategies dependent
3. Relation between IT&KM Strategies
IT independent
KMStrategies dependent
4. Effect of Nationality(Saudies and Non Saudies on Organizational performance(represented in Employees Satisfaction)
5. Relation between Nationality and # of attended events /year
6. Relation between Equality (qq23b and trust (24cand 12h)
7. Relation between Knowledhe sharing and equality and Trust ( q7f,q10, 12c, 12l, 12r, q13)
8. Please add any other significant hypothesis that can be significant in this study
add at least 2 tables and 2 charts to illustrate the discussion
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