Recognizing and Minimizing Tort and Regulatory Risk Paper

| December 2, 2015

Resource: Business Regulation Simulation Findings Table

Write a plan for a company such as Alumina that explains how regulatory risks, such as tort liability and litigation, may be identified and managed through preventive, detective, and corrective measures, using the table of legal issues and principles developed in your Learning Team. The plan must clearly identify common torts and other regulatory risks, as considered in the readings, and describe specific measures to manage those risks. The plan must not exceed 1,050 words in length.

Format your plan consistent with APA guidelines.

The Table is located in attachments

Attachments:University of Phoenix Material


Business Regulation Simulation Findings Table





Simulation Component


Issues Principles
Mr. Lloyd wants us to immediately take charge of the damage control exercise. Download, deposit or infiltrate wastewater, liquid chemicals, waste or contaminants in soils, rivers and marine waters, in streams of jurisdiction and cause harm to public health.

the company must be accurate with the information regarding the issue that is presented to the public. Any data regarding the company’s results in meeting the federal regulations guidelines that are found to be untruthful will be weighed heavily against Alumina

Crime against the environment that is sanctioned by the existence of environmental legislation.
The Erehwon Reporter newspaper insists to keep the case alive.


EPA notified the information disclosure under FOIA.

First Amendment, and Freedom of Information Act. These risks are the most impacting and relevant when compared to Alumina’s current and prior liabilities.

Allow partial release of the environmental audit report.
Bates started a lawsuit against our Company. Senior management needs to respond with a strategic method. Seek American Arbitration Associations intervention in resolving the dispute through alternative means.

Alumina can use this analysis to manage the three identified risks as a preventative, detective, and corrective measures. Each risk can be managed before an event and even once it has occurred. Management options of each risk were identified, and the best possible options were identified


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