Racial Attitudes and the Military.

| August 26, 2015

Racial Attitudes and the Military.

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Read and analyze the following article (to include the comments). Military Times (Outside the Wire) Controversial Billboard: What’s the problem with this photo? By Toni Rico (Nov.5, 2013). https:// outsidethewire.armytimes.com/?s=controversial+=billboard.
This article was posted in 2013 on the MilitaryTimes web site.

1. First, determine your stance on what is being presented in this photo and the blog postings.

2. Now review under-achieved racial attitudes (avoidant, dependent, dissonant) posited by Rowen, Behrens, and Leach (1995) in chapter 4 of Diller, J. (2015). Cultural Diversity: A Primer for Human Services (5th Edition). Belmont, CA: Brookes/Cole Cengage.

3. Select one of the blog responses to this web posting and critically analyze a specific response.

4. Distinguish where this individual’s blog response falls on the spectrum of racial attitudes.

5. Copy, Paste, and cite the blog that you have selected.

6. Critically examine two other student’s responses to this blog and agree or disagree with them and defend your stance.

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