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| December 3, 2015

1. According to the text, security experts claim that internal thefts are acted out by a single person. (Points : 1)       True


Question 2. 2. The receiving operations and the dispatch operations both act as the interface between the supply and demand requirements. (Points : 1)



Question 3. 3. Which of the following is/are NOT usually considered in warehouse selection? (Points : 1)

Fire safety


Loading bays

Access to shopping

All of the above are considered.

Question 4. 4. Cross-docking, high throughput warehouses require _________________ when compared to long-term storage warehouses. (Points : 1)

more doors and locks

fewer doors and locks

wider doors

insulated doors

None of the above

Question 5. 5. Which of the following is NOT a potential problem in high-accuracy picking: (Points : 1)

Unclear instructions

Handling errors

Incomplete orders

Incorrect quality

None of the above.

Question 6. 6. A major concern in cross-docking is: (Points : 1)

large customer orders.

short receipt on supplier’s deliveries.

small or multiple customer orders.

early arrival of supplier vehicles.

all of the above.

Question 7. 7. Which of the following statements is true about spot stock checking? (Points : 1)

It is scheduled well in advance.

It is not recommended for security checks.

It can be used in either perpetual or periodic stock checks.

All of the above.

None of the above.

Question 8. 8. Utilization of storage space in a random location within a warehouse is usually thought of as______. (Points : 1)



difficult to secure

a bulk stock storage location

not needing logic to determine location.

Question 9. 9. Approximately 50% of people steal from their employer. (Points : 1)



Question 10. 10. An example “people control system” is a: (Points : 1)

security alarm.


secure perimeter fence.

perimeter light.

all of the above.


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