| December 2, 2015
A bill has just been introduced in the Legislature, with wide bi-partisan support, that would create a database for creating a "network" of information by which to track non-documented workers and potential terrorists. The information that would be accessed includes information from driver’s licenses, and requests for government services. In addition, the legislation would require all manufacturers of software to embed a code in their product which would allow tracking of internet use as well as sales on the computer. No notice would be given to the consumer other than the general notice that the measure has become law.

Be Reasonable 1. Preserving Rights and Responsibilities

Compare and contrast at least two options, preferably three. Choose one option which you intuitively believe is the right answer and then choose another with which you disagree or which is a close second. As you work through the four lenses, you will find words to support your first choice or discover that another option is in fact preferable.

After brainstorming with the leadership team, you have identified four options:

1.Remain silent.

2.Lobby against the bill.

3.Lobby for the bill.

4.Provide information and let your employees choose whether or not to lobby.

In three to four coherent paragraphs, compare and contrast your options using the Rights/Responsibility Lens. In the process, consider the following questions:

? Motive: What are the reasons that the ethical agent would choose these options?

? Universalizability: Can everyone use these reasons for acting in choosing what to do?

? Reversibility: Am I willing to have someone else use either of these reasons how they treat me (reversibility)?

? Prior Agreements: Am I treating people the way they have freely consented to be treated? Am I treating them as means to my ends or with dignity, as ends in themselves?

? General Expectations: How does this option meet the general expectations of duties in our community?


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