Quantum Hall Effect of two-dimensional electron gas systems (2DEG)

| August 26, 2015

Quantum Hall Effect of two-dimensional electron gas systems (2DEG)

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Submit a 2000-word report on Quantum Hall Effect of two-dimensional electron gas systems (2DEG). Hint: This is about the quantization of magnetic flux. It should be written in physics journal review paper style, single column, single-spaced, #12 Time New Roman font. It should contain the following subsection titles: a. Title (not title page) b. Author Name (include school ID and Chinese name also), c. Affiliation, e-mail address, d. Abstract, e. Main text, and then conclusion f. References. keep it simple. no acknowledgements. a paper demonstrating an understanding of QHE in two dimensional electron gas /2DEG. Solid state physics course completion. 4th year undergrad students in masters prep course using textbooks such as Kittel, Ziman, Mermin& Ashcroft. Use/reference various Physics Journals papers. I normally use intentionally practical, simplified, explanatory writing style and word usage instead of overly technical. Concepts are more important than equations. Equations and their lengthy explanations should be minimized unless used to describe key points. May use a few small reference tables/graphs /illustrations/ etc but not required, nor useful for a word counted paper. ~4 sources seems adequate, more is ok. sample paper at: http://authortoolkit.aip.org/JAP_Sample_MS.pdf

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