Public Health and Behavior Change

| April 23, 2015
Public Health and Behavior Change
You will present your assignment as if you are writing a proposal for the management team at your workplace.
You work in a health organisation of your choice. Your aim is to secure funding for the proposed behaviour change strategy.
Note: You will have covered the following main theories/models of behaviour change in class:
a. Theory of Planned Behaviour
b. Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change
c. Social Cognitive Theory
For your presentation you will need to research, analyse and reflect on the assigned behaviour change theory/model or combination of theories and models and consider how you would apply it / them to the public health topic in practice. You may pick your own public health topic.
The following are guidelines for each part of your presentation. You do not have to follow them exactly and there is scope for your own personal reflections and views. Please remember that your slides are just a backdrop for what YOU will present.
Title: Title of essay, name of work organisation, your name, your work title.
Section 1: Background to the Public Health Topic of Concern
Which public health topic have you chosen to focus on?
Why did you pick this particular topic?
Of what concern is it to your work?
Section 2: Background to relevant theories /models of behaviour change
Which theory/model of behaviour change are you focusing on?
What is your understanding of the theory/model?
How has it been used before?
Section 3: Aim and Objectives
In one well-structured sentence – what is the broad aim of your strategy?
What are the specific actions that will allow you to reach your aim?
Section 4: Plan of Action
How will you go about applying your theory or model to your public health topic?
Consider for example: the design of your intervention/plan, your target population, your time line, how will you gather your data, your procedures.
Consider: any challenges you will have and any limitations in your work.
Section 5: Evaluation
How will you go about evaluating the success of your strategy?
Section 6: Conclusion
Summarise the main points of your essy
Use some convincing tactics to persuade your management team to fund your project.
Section 7: References
References in the Harvard (author, date) style.
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