Public Administration-

| August 25, 2015

Public Administration-

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Explain the types of literature, qualitative data and quantitative data you would seek out to support and inform the thinking on your public needs assessment project. You do not need to find the literature, but think about what kinds of information would be required to help understand the scope and depth of the problem. (It is often helpful to think about this as key search terms you might use). Be objective! Include at least one survey tool, which you will design and provide in the paper that will be used with the stakeholders on the NAC to gather more information about their perspectives. Explain how you would use these categories of background information and what you believe you will do with it in terms of analysis.

Present this in a Word document in proper APA format as an attachment in this assignment. The length should be 5 pages and should include at least 10 peer-reviewed sources to support your analysis.

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