psychology of media

| November 25, 2014

psychology of media

•    Reflect on the type of media literacy training (parental mediation) that your parents/caregivers used with you when you were growing up. How did they react to media (perhaps specifically television) at the time? What do you think about it in retrospect? Would you use the same, or some different, mediation with your own children than your parents used, and why?
•    Do you agree or disagree that there really is a serious problem of scientific illiteracy? If so, why is this the case? What might media do to help the situation?
•    You may want to extend this topic to media coverage about climate change. Why, if scientists are all but united, does so much of the public still doubt the role of humanity in climate change? What may be done to rectify and de-politicize people’s understanding of this important issue?
This is a good chance to reflect on the entire course. Offer ways that you think differently about media than you had when the course began.

2) 0.5~1 page :  single space
Common Sense Videos
How we respond to media today is important as adults (especially within in this class!). However, it is equally important in how children respond to media. Common Sense has a number of videos that are helpful for parents, caregivers and educators. I have selected small sample of videos below for you to watch this week. Select those you find relevant to your own household or career setting. Watch all of them if you like! Use them as a reference for this week’s discussion… As we have learned, there are limited means to help parents and educators discuss media consumption with children. What is also limiting is that this information does not reach every house hold. Feel free to post comments after you view the selected videos.
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