proposal as a HR Director of a Fortune 500 Company

| December 27, 2014

proposal as a HR Director of a Fortune 500 Company

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You are writing a proposal as a HR Director of a Fortune 500 Company. The corporation is an international organization but is based in the United States. You are being tasked based on your knowledge of HRIS systems to make a proposal about a new piece of technology for each of the weekly learning objectives for Weeks 2-6 in your HRMT415 class.

Now that you have researched several technology companies in previous weeks. Your Sr. Vice President has asked that you narrow selections down to just one piece of technology for each of the weekly topics the technology should be different for each week (Weeks 2-6) in your HRMT class. For clarification, these are the topics that were discussed in the course for Weeks 2-6:

1) Week #2 – E-Recruiting

2) Week #3 – E-Selection

3) Week #4 – Self-Service & HR Portals

4) Week #5 – E-Learning & Training

5) Week #6 – Performance Management

Each of these topics should be at least one page in length (can be more pages, if necessary) and address the questions below:

•Usefulness of the technology
•Benefits and advantages of the technology
•Disadvantages or downfalls of the technology
•What type of training would be involved for HR Staff and employees; how would training be handled

A good place to find information is in our library and on the SHRM website. This paper will require you to research HRIS technology to discuss.

This should be the format of your Proposal:

1) Introduction should discuss the evolution of HR. You should use our reading material for week #1 and any research that you have completed from outside sources to briefly discuss the evolution of HRIS.

2) Second paragraph should discuss our reading material about the important consideration in developing and implementing and HRIS. This paragraph should tell your boss how you would develop and set-up of an HRIS for your organization. You can call the organization Fortune 500 Co.

3) The next pages should discuss the material for Weeks 2—6 that is listed above.

4) You should then end your paper with a conclusion about the future of HR and what you might be able to implement in the organization in the future. You should also tell your boss about any culture or acceptance problems that you might foresee in your organization when implementing the HRIS. This material is in our reading material for week #7


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