project management

| May 1, 2015

project management

using WBS, OBS, RBS,CBS and gantt charts, first part is academic, and based on project leadership, using journals, theories, case studies, PMI and APM. 2000 words
the second part is the project, it is is a charity event, you can select any charity event, it needs a scoping statement, objective of the event, SMART, deliverables – tent, marquis, caterers, limits and exclusions, how, why, where, what, who, going to do it, WBS, OBS,RBS,CBS and gantt chart, close the project down.

Part A

This part is completely academic, needs theories and information from well known jounals such as International Journal of Project Management, Project Management Institute, Project Management Journal, theory and case studies, PMI and APM based on project leadership.

Part B
Its stated as 3000 words, but 3000 is not needed, 1500 to 2000 words is fine, as most of this will be graphs, diagrams and charts,

1st identify what should be done, it is a charity event, can be any charity event commencing in September, so the planning should be done from January or February till September,

2nd scoping statement, objective of the event , smart-specific-measurable,

3rd deliverables, tent-marquis-caterers-fire exits,

4th limits and exclusions,

5th how, why, where, what, who is going to do it.

6th WBS – work breakdown structure chart, OBS – organizational breakdown structure, RBS – risk breakdown structure – stakeholder analysis – communication plan, CBS – cost breakdown structure, GANT chart – develop gant chart

7th close the project down, project closure and hand over

Part C – not required

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