project for international business that analyzes a potential international business opportunity

| February 5, 2015

I Was wondering if you would be able to help me. I am trying to work on my final project for international business…. Create a 15-to 20-slide (plus one reference slide) Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker’s notes that analyzes a potential international business opportunity. Include at least 3 resources besides the textbook. Use the outline below and the information you gathered throughout the course to complete the assignment. • Introduction • Description of product to be exported • Characteristics of target market o GNP/capita o GNP/capita growth rate o Size of market • Market screening o Basic need potential o Exchange rate trends o Import restrictions o Price controls o Government and public attitude toward buying American products o Size, number, and financial strength of competitors o Sociocultural forces ? Attitudes and beliefs ? Languages ? Education • Export marketing strategies o Promotion methods • Conclusion

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