Progressive Wal-Mart

| April 2, 2014

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You’ll need to use “They Say / I Say” template( attach) for this essay. So you’ll need to begin with a brief( 1 paragraph) presentation of Stephen Mallaby’s position by you applying( “They Say”). And then you’ll conclude your first paragraph with your own position by (“I Say”.) 95% of essay is about the prompt( question) please address that prompt with your own position ( ‘ I say”). The whole essay should be about the prompt ( question). nothing more. thank you
Prompt question:
Mallaby concludes by saying that “IF criticis prevent [ Wal- Mart] from opening new branches, they will prevent ordinary families from sharing in those gains. Poor Americans will be chief among the casualties. ” Respond with an essay of your own, using this quotation as your ” They Say”
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