Professional Development Plan (PDP)

| April 30, 2014

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Instructions: Microsoft word document in APA format. Please include one to two references in APA format on a separate reference page with hanging indent(s) and be sure all corresponding references are correctly cited within the body of your paper.
1. Introduction-Begin by introducing yourself and providing components of your personal and professional background in one or two paragraphs.
2. Strengths & Weakness-Additionally, create two additional paragraphs — one where personal strengths and weaknesses are summarized in complete sentences; and the second where your StrengthsQuest
3. Goals-This is a brief summary of both your short-term (to be accomplished within one year) and long-term (to be accomplished in more than a year) goals. These goals must be clear, achievable, and measurable with a proposed completion date for full credit. You must include at least three specific short-term goals and three specific long-term goals. These goals, as well as the entirety of the paper, should be written in narrative format rather than using bullet points. You may address areas such as education, your personal life, professional enhancement, community service, political involvement, and committee membership, publishing, future career positions.
4. Barrier-his part of your PDP should be a discussion of the possible obstacles standing in the way of your goals. Think in terms of finances, time management, family concerns, etc. This area will need to include at least one well-developed paragraph that covers at least 2/3 of a page. Please be sure you have provided references and in text citations to support your text.
5. Action Plan-This paragraph should reach 2/3 of a page in length and cover your specific action plan regarding how you plan to achieve your goals (described in your “Goals” section). You must also include a specific person in your life who can serve as your mentor or role model as you pursue your goals.
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