product management

| August 29, 2015

product management

Assume that your group has just been appointed the new product management team for moist wipe products of Kimberly Clark Company in Australia (KCC). Capitalising on KCC’s strong capabilities in manufacturing and marketing, your task is to build a business case for the launch of a new product for KCC and create a product launch plan.  Another option would be to reinforce, renew or resurrect an existing product for KCC.See separate handout for more information about this case simulation.

Specific Instructions forProduct Concept (Part One)

Basically you are supposed to conceptualise a product, build a convincing business case on feasibility of the product.For the oral presentation you are required to have a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation of approximately 12 slides. All group members are expected to participate equally in the development and delivery of the presentation.

Deadline for presentation and submission of written report is the tutorial session for week 8.

The 20 minute Presentation and the Part One written report (approximately 2,500 words) must focus on:

OUR GROUP is working on Product Kimberley Clark barbeque wipes
write about 550 words

a.    KCC Brand Architecture   (275 words)

b.    SWOT analysis   (275 words)

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