Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy

| December 11, 2014

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1. Research papers must be typed using size 12 Times New Roman font. There is a computer lab located on the second floor of the library, should your access to a computer be limited. You must have a current student ID to be able to use the computers there
2. LENGTH: A minimum of 5 full typed pages of text (double-spaced). In addition, you will include a title page, outline, and Works Cited page using size 12 Times New Roman font.
3. SOURCES: A minimum of four (4) secondary sources is required. The literary work you have chosen (novel or play) will count as a fifth source, the primary source. Among your sources, include at least one article from a scholarly journal in one of the databases. There are many sources available for literary research, and I expect you to use a variety of sources. Not all of your sources can be the same type (electronic, for example). See me if you have difficulty locating sources.
Guidelines for copies of sources:
Primary Source (the novel or play that is the focus of your paper) – copy only the title page and copyright information (usually found on the back side of the title page).
Secondary Sources (literary criticism of the primary source):
Gale Group, EBSCO, Infotrac, or Internet Source – print out the entire article
Printed article (includes reprinted articles in reference books such as Twentieth
Century Literary Criticism) – copy the entire article and the title page and copyright
information from the reference book it is in
Book – copy the title page, copyright information, and only the page or pages you have used (cited) in your paper
Masterplots, Cliffnotes, SparkNotes, Wikipedia, Grade Saver, ClassicNotes, etc., are not acceptable as secondary sources. Should you have concerns about the validity of a source, ask me.
4. PROCESS: You will be expected to follow a guided process in your research and writing. I have designed the course to make it easier for you to write a research paper step by step. On the course syllabus, I have indicated dates when tentative Works Cited pages, outlines, thesis statements, and rough drafts are due. You will submit your work by the due dates, and you will submit your written portion as a Word file; you will make a clearly legible PDF file of your sources and attach that in the View/Complete option. Any student who fails to follow these steps in a timely manner and does not indicate a work in progress will not be allowed to turn in a research paper.
All of the following will be included in the materials you hand in along with the final research paper:
1. A new outline that aligns with the final draft
2. Final draft with a Works Cited page at the end
3. A PDF file of photocopies of information used in paper (paper will not be accepted without photocopies) **************
5. TEXT: Your paper will examine a particular writer’s work. It is not a biographical sketch of the writer; however, you may include biographical information if it relates to your thesis. It is not a plot summary; I can read the book or play for that. Primarily, you are going to take a position about the work (theme, symbolism, character analysis, for example) and use specific events or quotes from the work to support and explain that position. In addition, you are going to examine what literary critics have to say regarding your primary source.
6. FORMAT: Your paper will adhere to MLA format. You will be expected to list each of your sources in proper MLA format on the Works Cited page at the end of your research paper. You will also use proper parenthetical internal documentation throughout your paper. A copy of the MLA handbook is located on the Reserve Shelves in the library
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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