Prince Noura university EMS program

| November 25, 2014

Prince Noura university EMS program

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Frist of al its practicum paper and the aim of writing this paper for the response is within the campus. Because in Saudi Arabia does not have a women for emergency medical services. So I would like you to follow the upload file, and if there were other ideas for how to train students on medical conditions and emergency response team work within the university campus. For information universities in Arabia having women only. The reason of this paper is to solve that issue.

Riyadh University EMS Program Two parts: training and operational Training/Educational
The What: Training & Education Program Basic: part-time elective, embedded in student orientation as a half or full day offering (4-8 hours) 1. Intro to basic Campus EMS operations: a. elements, b. how to access/activate, c. what to expect, d. what information is needed, e. locations of call boxes/Public Access Defibrillators (PAD), etc. 2. First-Aid (standard curriculum) 3. CPR (standard curriculum)
Advanced: Semester long with college credit – geared towards those students who are interested in becoming an active responder in the Campus EMS system 1. Healthcare Provider CPR/AED (standard curriculum) 2. First responder/EMT (standard curriculum) 3. On-campus EMS operations 4. Communications 5. Transport 6. Documentation 7. Transfer of Care
The Who: Students Geared towards nursing/pre-med students, but not exclusive to entire student body Stressed for female students to be able to treat other female students; but again not exclusive and ideally co-ed (if possible) Aimed towards teaching younger student classes (freshman/sophomore), so as to be able to utilize those students throughout the further duration of their educational career.
The Why: Disconnect between female campus and outside emergency response agencies; especially specific cultural issues when dealing with female students
The Where: limited to on-campus university students
The When:


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