Prevention of surgical site infection (perioperative focus)

| August 25, 2015

 Prevention of surgical site infection (perioperative focus);
Discuss current evidence-based practice
The purpose of this assessment is to develop an understanding of patient safety in the perioperative environment and your ability to use evidence in the analysis of a clinical problem.
1. Locate at least four current articles that provide current research and evidence about the selected topic. Ideally three of these should be research articles.
2. Provide a situational analysis related to your chosen topic
3. Discuss the research findings and draw conclusions about future changes to perioperative 
4. Identify the challenges of implementing the research findings into practice and suggest possible 
solutions for any research-practice gap found.
– The situational analysis was comprehensive and showed an understanding of the complexities of the existing perioperative practice.
– provided an excellent discussion identifying suggested changes to perioperative practice as identified through the research;
– Exploration of the impact of these proposed changes to perioperative practice is insightful.
– has used well-chosen current literature and research from journals to support their answers and demonstrates a sound understanding of evidence based practice. The student has used more than four research articles to support their discussion.
– APA referencing has been used appropriately throughout the body of the work and reference list

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