Preserving paradise: Shell's sustainable development programs in the Philippines

| April 29, 2014

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Place yourself in the position of an external consultant who has researched the case. Write a proposal of 800-900 words outlining what you consider to be the key cultural management issues covered in your case study. Your proposal must cover the following:
1. A summary outlining your understanding of the case study and highlighting the key stakeholders 80-100 words
-Core issues
-what is the root problem
-how is this related to cross-cultural management
2. Analysis (culture issue and management issue)
< culture issue –different value based on Hofstede's Five Dimensions>

– what concepts help better understand the problem
– what theories can help point towards best practice
3. recommendations
– what kinds of actions should be taken and why
– a clear rational for both short-term and long-term recommendations
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