Presenting Portsmouth

| November 26, 2014

Presenting Portsmouth

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Your work in this assignment will be performed using application software in the Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint.

However all of your tasks will be presented solely as a single Word document. Evidence for your Access, Excel and PowerPoint should be given as selective screen shots inserted into this document..

Scenario: Presenting Portsmouth in united kingdom

This imaginary scenario assumes that you are working for an independent newspaper, called ‘Presenting Portsmouth’ which is given free to tourists visiting the city. The newspaper helps people find things to do and enjoy in their spare time.

In order to make the newspaper useful you will need to find out what type of activities people might want to become involved with during their stay in the city. These activities could include, for example:
Visiting restaurants
Going to the theatre
Looking at museum exhibits
Local history
Going for walks around the city

Before producing the first issue of ‘Presenting Portsmouth’ you need to carry out some initial research into tourists’ interests by designing an electronic questionnaire which can be emailed to a sample group of prospective visitors to the city.

Your assignment work will be carried out in four stages, or ‘Tasks’, like this:
Task 1 will gather data about tourists’ interests.
Task 2 will analyse some of the text data that has been gathered.
Task 3 will analyse numerical data.
Task 4 will give a report of this analysis.
Here are these four tasks described in detail and showing how your work will be assessed.

Task 1: Microsoft Word

First you will sample opinion using a questionnaire, developed in Microsoft Word, containing questions similar to these:

Do you enjoy swimming in the sea?

Are you keen on theatrical productions?

Would you like to participate in guided walks?

Do you like visiting museums?

Include a minimum of 15, and maximum of 20, questions in your questionnaire. Ensure that, overall, these questions result in both text and numerical data being provided for your subsequent analysis.

The questionnaire should also be designed so that it could be sent as an email attachment . It should contain appropriate Microsoft Word controls: option buttons, check boxes, date picker and drop-down lists.
You will obtain the data from twenty such questionnaires.

Marking criteria for Task 1
Option buttons + Check boxes    4
Date picker    2
Drop-down lists    4
Layout +  Design    8
Suitable questions    4
Sub total    22

Task 2: Microsoft Access

You will now design a Microsoft Access database for the raw data from your questionnaire. The database will include a table including fields of appropriate data type. Analysis of the data you have gathered in Task 1 will then be carried out, producing queries and reports.

Marking criteria for Task 2
Structured data table    8
Field attributes set correctly    8
Populated tables    2
Minimum of 2 queries defined    6
Minimum of 2 forms or report, defined    4
Sub total     28

Task 3: Microsoft Excel

Next you will analyse numerical data gathered from your questionnaires in Task 1 using Microsoft Excel. This analysis will be statistical and include the mean, median and mode of relevant data. The spread sheet should show that you can calculate standard deviation and perform correlation between different datasets. In addition you will insert appropriate graphs and charts into your spread sheet.

Marking criteria for Task 3
Minimum of 20 questionnaire responses    6
Range of statistics: mean, median, mode, standard deviation, correlation.    10
Graphs and charts    8
Sub total     24

Task 4: Microsoft PowerPoint

Using PowerPoint, you will design a presentation of your collection and analysis of data. This presentation should enable informed and sensible decisions to be made about the publication of ‘Presenting Portsmouth.’

Marking criteria
Structured presentation    8
Summary analysis    10
Evidence of use of Access and Excel in data analysis    8
Sub total    26


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