Prepare a report for Jim advising a him on his legal rights(civil, criminal or both) in addition highlight three laws that has been breached and references to case law

| April 21, 2014

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Jim worked in the restaurant business for many yrs and decided that he was tired of working and needed to work for himself and make quick money.
In 2012 Jim and a colleague stole the restaurant customer database, identified the big spenders and started cloning their credit cards with the intention of selling the information on the internet. After six months Jim felt he was not making money fast enough and started using the cloned credit cards to purchase high end electronic goods and dwell them for a profit.
In January 2013, Jim was caught cloning a credit card by his employer and reported to the police.
The police have decided to prosecute Jim and his colleague my client is Jim.
Report must contain:
1: introduction
2: facts of the case
3: issues
4: reasoning
5: opinion
6: analysis
7: your decision
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