Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

| November 9, 2015

Also known as legal practice course (LPC), and is taken after a law degree to provide a link between university study and training in a law firm. This course is taken to give the required training needed to become a solicitor. You will notice the course work given at this stage of your studies is quite different from what you covered in your undergraduate and masters degree.

We handle all types of assignment regarding legal practice course, and we ensure consistency, delivery on time and quality well-researched work.

Writing and Drafting Service

A skill that is considered very key for every solicitor ensuring document produced should follow the set guidelines to fit the purpose and the target audience. The language and tone used have to be observed and sensitivity applied as needed ensuring the message is clear and to the point. Our service ensures that this is achieved to suit different scenarios. Our groups of experts in these matters are qualified lawyers in the UK, and they all have LPC qualifications.

Skeleton Argument Service

These are papers recorded in court and exchanged between parties before of a trial in legal proceedings, directed toward the judge and are the basis of a case put forward. We assist in the broadening of your skeleton argument to ensure you have highlighted all important aspects of the case. We also help you prepare for an oral submission by giving you guidance notes to help walk you through the oral submission.

Negotiations Preparation Service

Being a good negotiator is vital for a solicitor. You need to use both the strengths and weaknesses of the case to make a sharp point that works in your favor. Our services include a complete evaluation of the case to determine your chances of getting a victory at the trial. We also discuss necessary solutions at trial to help negotiate a realistic outcome. We work on ensuring that you direct the right questions of your client and that you are equipped to stand in for your client’s best interest.

Practical Legal Research

Considered as the first practical assignment, you are likely to encounter and is the most popular type of order we receive. The research is created by a client problem, especially in an area of law that you did not cover in your undergraduate. You are required to apply the current law to find a solution to a problem. The service we offer is thorough and ensures the solution we give is well thought out, detailed, concise and to the point. Our experts never rely purely on academic textbooks but make use of practitioners texts to give standard work.

Research Trail

Involves the skill to find and report the important material to solve a legal problem in the shortest time possible. We provide research trails that are:

  • The sources and search articles that have been used.
  • Initial outcomes from the basis.
  • Particulars of how one source led to the next one.

It is crucial that a research trail is maintained throughout your LPC as you may find later on being asked to revisit previous resources and work by your supervisor. Facts available may change requiring a conclusion drawn from legal research reviewed once more. And the client or courts may want proof of research on what you are presenting.

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