| December 3, 2015

Students must answer three case study questions

In addition students must use further research from credible sources in these case answers (see Research and APA Information topic in the Case Studies module content). This research must come from at least three credible sources and be used to update the situation for the company in the case questions selected. These additional resources may include articles/news on the company, compare points to other companies (ideally in the same industry), best practices from industry reports, additional lesson concepts (i.e. research beyond textbook reading on the concepts), etc.

The submission requires APA format which requires every source used to be listed in the references and cited where used in the paper. Students should include an introductory and concluding paragraph for their overall case studies. Students must include in the concluding paragraph further recommendations they might offer the company relative to the case questions/answers to better apply the lesson concepts for further improvements.. Students may not use more than five pages for this submission (including a cover page and reference list, so no abstract is required). Spelling, grammar, punctuation, 1 in. margins, 1.5-2 line spacing, sections/headings (i.e. intro., Q1, 2 & 3, concl., etc.), figure/table format, page number, etc. expected submission

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