Poetry response paper

| April 25, 2014

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This assignment will allow you opportunities to identify, examine, and explore the literary techniques and themes present in poems that you have chosen. You will be asked to engage in a discussion/analysis of the various perspectives you find in order to demonstrate critical thinking, knowledge of critical approaches to literature, and your ability to construct an argument supported by various forms of evidence.
1. First, I?d like for you to browse through the poems contained in our class text. You may decide to first choose a particular theme/idea that is of interest to you. After reading each poem, you may narrow your focus to a handful (2-5) of poems in order to consider the material in light of our class discussions regarding the elements of poetry and the various critical approaches to literature.
2. Then, find connections between texts and discuss them in greater detail. The goal here is to show the ways in which each text approaches a given theme/topic. Again, give examples. I do not want summaries of the entire text, but rather specific instances that have stimulated your thoughts.
3. As a result, your paper should move from a discussion of each text towards a dialogue between sources. The examples you give should be in support of what you are already saying, based on patterns or common ideas you have identified through your reading.
4. **In essence, the paper should include references to at least 2 poems, any relevant elements of the genre, and mention at least one of the critical approaches we have seen (formalism, deconstructionism, Marxist, ethical, feminist, etc?) and how the text may be viewed through that lens.
All papers must follow the same format. Points will be deducted if the paper does not follow the following format.
MLA format (1-inch margins, Times New Roman font, 12 pt. font, works cited)
Heading (your name, teacher?s name, course title, due date)
Papers less than 3 pages will not be accepted
Include an introduction, thesis, focused body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Show careful thought and insight; be well-reasoned and logical.
Back up statements/opinions with textual support/examples.
When appropriate, make use of information from class and/or the textbook/handouts.
Follow the format outlined above; use proper spelling, usage, grammar, and mechanics.
Academic Integrity
Any words not your own should be quoted, including direct quotations from the textbook or notes. Give the source in parentheses after any quotations or paraphrase/summary. It is plagiarism to copy directly (words) or indirectly (ideas) from any source without citing the source clearly. Please ask questions if you are unsure.
An ?A? paper will meet all of the following criteria:
The essay is obviously well thought out, organized, and interesting.
There is a clearly defined structure to the essay (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion).
In the introduction, you identify an important central issue you are going to explore throughout the essay, in a clear thesis statement. You also have an original and interesting ?hook? to catch the reader?s attention.
In the body paragraphs, you cite evidence that strongly supports your thesis, as well as incorporate your own thoughts and opinions on what you are saying.
In your conclusion, instead of just summing up what you have already said, you elaborate on your thesis, showing the reader how you have arrived at some type of greater understanding of your topic (make observations, ask questions).
Your approach and ideas are creative (shows personal voice and style), insightful, and original. The essay goes above and beyond what is expected, incorporating advanced vocabulary, focused imagery, and extensive details.
No errors in grammar, punctuation, mechanics, or spelling.
some poems you can use are:
“stopping by woods on a snowing evening” by Robert frost
“Hope is the thing with feathers” By Emily Dickinson
“A Noiseless Patient Spider”; by Walt Whitman
Or any other poems you may find to follow the task either by the authors above or others.
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