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summarize (review WRAC Chap 1/RW Chap 9) Plato’s argument and then identify, using specific, quoted or paraphrased examples from the text, an example of how Plato uses logos, pathos, and ethos. Refer to Chap 12 in RW & pgs 132 in WRAC to refresh/review your understanding of the rhetorical appeals. My caveat for this exercise: I don’t want you to use the terms logos, pathos, and ethos, but rather use your own language to describe, for example, how Plato effectively creates trust/is generous to other points of view/establishes his credibility instead of using the word “ethos.” Or, rather than using the word “pathos” discuss in your own language how Plato uses analogy/metaphor/etc to make you (the reader) sympathize/angry/fearful/etc.

To sum up: I want you to apply how Plato uses the rhetorical appeals without using the techniques by name.

read both Plato’s and Anzaldua’s essays and answer the questions that follow in your book.

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