Planning and Development

| December 11, 2014

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Below are the planning practices required for this assignment. Kindly complete each task and if need be contact me.
Task one is planning framework report(using the site provided) in order to investigate the planning potential of the site your client have commissioned you to produce a planning appraisal. this is at the pre_application stage and the client has no preconceived ideas about what would be suitable development. the planning appraisal will be made in a professional report format with a 1000word limit maximum.
Task two : further to your planning appraisal your client is now negotiating the conditional acquisition of the site. you have been asked to prepare an outline planning application and a client report for the site along with appropriate supporting documentation.( Guidance: the client report should justify the proposed development in planning terms, you should use your Planning Appraisal as a basis for this) .Should you identify the need for specialist investigation or input this needs to be noted. the maximum word limit for this is 2000words excluding tables, plans, drawings and appendices).
The last Task is Client Report: the client report will advise the client about the planning issues which are the most relevant to securing a favorable outcome to the application. the maximum word limit is 1500words.
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