Philosophy discussion

| February 5, 2015

Here are some questions for your discussion.

1) Do you think that we all experience different realities? Some of you discussed this topic during the initial lecture, but have you developed any new insights as we have progressed through this course?

2) Is our reality formed by our ever-changing perceptions?

3) Comment upon Plato” Cave. What relevance does this allegory have for you today regarding reality, perception and the ascent to knowledge?

4) Comment upon the idea that our lives should be a life long process of self realization and discovery, trying to find “eudaimonia,” as Aristotle believes.

Document Preview:
Now, we touch upon the question of metaphysics, or What is reality? What do we mean when we say that something is real? Normally we mean it has a tangible quality about it. We can see it, touch it, taste it, smell it, hear it. Correct? Is this really true? Are those the qualities we assign to things which we call Real? Is reality the same as materiality? What does it mean when we say something is material? Would we also say that this term means tangible, just like reality? What is material as distinguished from immaterial? Let’s do a little exercise. Look at the following words and decide whether you think those things are material or immaterial? chair trees cats ideas anger love stones atoms God space time We’d probably have no trouble saying that tangible things like chairs, trees, cats, stones are material. Correct? What about ideas, anger and love? Are these things material or immaterial? Can we observe these things or do we just observe an expression of these things? What do you think? How about atoms, space and time? Material or immaterial? We know atoms exist, but have you ever seen an atom? Does space and time exist in the sense that they are material? Are space and time tangible? They can be measured, can’t they? Your boss tells you that you have a 10 am meeting, is that time material, is that real? Is 10 am a real thing? I would guess that to your boss it’s a very real thing and he/she expects you to be at a certain destination at 10 am, correct? What about God? Material or immaterial? Who has seen, touched or heard God? Yet millions upon millions of people believe that God is real, don’t they? Are you understanding the problem here? Sometimes the material and immaterial intersect, don’t they? Sometimes it’s hard distinguishing one from the other. Sometimes our definition of material-a tangible thing, breaks down, doesn’t it? So, what about reality? Many people say that we create our own reality. If I believe something is real,…


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