PHI 445 – Week 1 – 5 All Assignments and Discussion Questions – Latest Version

| February 6, 2015

Self-Interest or Community Interest

As read in Chapter 2 of the course text, Adam Smith argued that self-interest is a critical element in a society’s economic development. Karl Marx, by contrast, argued that society functions better when each of us is more community oriented.

Pretend you are either Adam Smith or Karl Marx, and explain economic recession from these perspectives.

Discuss when greed and selfishness in businesses go too far and become a hazard to society.

Stepping back into your shoes again, contrast your system of values and ethics concerning greed and self-interest with the system of values of Smith or Marx.

Discuss if the ethical perspective of a particular group to which you currently belong, or previously belonged resembles the perspective of Adam Smith or Karl Marx?

Week One Journal

Objective: The learner will be able to recall, analyze, evaluate, and apply Week One activities to a Week One Journal in preparation for the Final Paper.

Instructions: In this assignment you will summarize the key points from this week’s activities so you may attribute them to the Week Five Case Study. The journal is the same for every week so you will be able to plan your journal responses as you are completing the readings and participating in the class. Please populate all fields in the table appearing under each section of the journal. Please post the completed table to the in-box designated for the journal activity in Week One, Day 7.

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