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| April 22, 2014

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Reflection statement: Human service work can be seen as an opportunity for social change or a
means of maintaining social order. In this assignment students will reflect on the above statement
and consider the way in which they think about human service provision. Do you think providing
human services is an opportunity for social change? or do you think providing human services is a
means of maintaining social order or social control within society? In your reflection essay you may
agree or disagree with either concept as long as you support your argument by including reference
1. your own values and the way your values have impacted on your view the world;
2. how dominant ideologies (as expressed by those in the media and politics) impact on the way
human services are provided.
The following is a list of useful resources, you are not limited to this list but please keep in mind the
credibility and balance of your selected resources.
Chenoweth, L & McAuliffe, D 2008, The Road to Social Work & Human Service Practice, Cengage
Learning Australia, South Melbourne, Victoria.
Fawcett, B, Goodwin, S, Meagher, G & Phillips, R 2010, Social Policy for Social Change Palgrave
Macmillan, South Yarra.
Jamrozik, A 2009 Social Policy in the Post-Welfare State, Australian Society in the 21st Century 2nd
edn NSW Pearson Education, Australia.
O’Connor, I, Wilson, J & Setterlund, D (eds) 2006, Social work and welfare practice, Sage, London
Dos and Don’ts
Do – use “I” – you are reflecting on your own learning.
Don’t – use other people’s names or identify individuals.
Do – use examples of how your learning is relevant to your social world.
Don’t – disclose private or personal information.
Do – use your text and prescribed readings.
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