| April 29, 2014

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Who we are? (Company name / logo)
What we do? (Luxury / high end coffee shop – specializing in organic food and beverages and different variety of coffee)
What we offer? (Organic food / snacks – sourced from local organic suppliers – coffee sourced from single source supplier roasted for characteristics specific to our company- every store offers consistent flavor specific to our company )
– Write about the Introduction Company in the first slide and the second slide product positioning in the Market, with notes for each slide that I will need for explanation, with 2 or 3 references.
Please use APA v6 as per the instructions on the Referencing
Your main aim is to conduct research on a particular Industry in order to expand in the market.
Industry: Drinks
Create a Company that might be positioned in the market in this Industry (don’t focus on this but narrow things down to position the company in the marketplace)
Present an Overview of the Business Model to fit into the larger Industry
Present your Research Findings, Facts and Stats
Introduction to the Company and how it is positioned in the Market (max 1-2 slides)
This is some information may will help or to support just info :
Product positioning is what comes to mind when our target market thinks about our product compared to our competitor’s products.
We want they think our organic coffee shop is a place to find:
– Great quality drinks and food
– High- standing place to enjoy time with friends, professional meetings, dates….
– buy local products.
To be successful, product positioning must achieve three objectives:
• Differentiate your product from the competitions.
• Address important customer buying criteria.
• Articulate key product (or company) characteristics.
Is your product positioning strategy?
• Single-minded—does it convey one primary message at a time?
• Meaningful—will it connect with the target audience?
• Differentiating—does it contrast your strengths against the competition?
• Important—is it pertinent and significant to the target audience?
• Sustainable—will it resonate with the target audience well into the future?
• Believable—will it ring true with the target audience?
• Credible—can you clearly substantiate your claims?
Positioning strategies
– The trend is “going green’ , ‘be organic’ – we want to go in this direction but in way to catch attention of higher rang people, create our “brand’ of food, but as well to help to promote local familial agriculture, to reward effort of small company
– Benefits: This strategy focuses on a benefit your product provides to your target audience. We want show us as a company where – foreign tourist / business men will look for place where can enjoy local speciality – not just “ industry to make money-
• Product Attributes: Highlighting a specific attribute of your product can also be compelling. For example, Ritz Carlton hotels focus on luxury; Motel 6 focuses on economy.
• Product Categories: Comparing your product to a product in a different category can be an effective way to differentiate yourself. In a soap-compares-itself-to-lotion example, Palmolive dishwashing liquid claims that it softens your hands while you do the dishes.
• Usage Occasions: This kind of positioning stresses when or how your product is used by your target audience. Jeep’s focus on off-road driving is an excellent example.
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