Peace and Popular Culture

| February 4, 2015

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What kinds of peace-oriented gestures have been publicly recognized, validated, and celebrated by the media and other social/cultural institutions in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries? Select ONE recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and discuss how this particular recipient’s “peace work” reinforces, challenges, or modifies established understandings of “peace,” “non-violence,” and/or “pacifism.”
NOTE: In addition to the course texts, this topic requires you to consult the official website of the Nobel Peace Prize: . You are permitted, but NOT required to use additional sources for this topic.
Please include grazian or cortright ideas in the essay,because that is one of the required texts in my class.So its important because my professor told me to include one of them(grazian or cortrights ideas.)
according to my professoryou are expected to draw on the course readings and, if required, utilize external scholarly sources (such as academic journals or book chapters) to produce coherent and thoughtful essays that develop and prove a thesis of your own”
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