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| April 29, 2014

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These assignments relate to the ethical aspects of the learning outcomes 1-4.
1 Demonstrate an understanding of how sociological and ethical theories relate to marketing and consumption
2 Demonstrate a critical appreciation of specific social and ethical issues that arise as a result of marketing theory and practice
3 Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the socio-ethical dimensions to marketing management and strategic decision making
4 Apply theory to practice through the critical analysis of relevant examples
Assignment One consists of a 12 minute group presentation. This will count for 10% of the assessment for the module.
Murphy et al. (2005, p.3) defines an ethical dilemma as a “situation where it is not clear what choice morality requires.” For Assignment 1, you need to prepare a 12 minute group presentation. Please choose a specific topic area from the provided list below and then agree it with me. You then need to find two marketing dilemmas that would form examples of the chosen topic area and demonstrate your understanding of the dilemma by looking through different ethical lenses. The dilemma can be in the form of an advertisement or a real case. You need to use the different perspectives (e.g. Utilitarianism etc) and demonstrate your understanding and use of these ethical frameworks.
Among the topics are: Marketing to children, old and vulnerable consumers (please choose only one), portrayal of women, gender discrimination, racial discrimination, product safety, packaging issues, branding issues, customer well-being, obligations of society, obligations to competitors.
Assessment Criteria:
1- Presentation style and delivery 10%
2- Slides 10%
3- Evidence of the consultation of a range of sources 20%
4- Examples selected 25%
5- Demonstration of understanding of ethical frameworks 20%
6- Evidence of critical analysis 15%
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