Osteonin – a possible treatment for osteoporosis

| August 21, 2015

Osteonin – a possible treatment for osteoporosis

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Osteonin – a possible treatment for osteoporosis


In trials with human cells in the laboratory a single dose of 10 mg per 60 kg of the experimental drug osteonin has been found to inhibit the bone-digesting activity of human osteoclasts by 90% for seven days. The activity of osteoblasts and levels of calcitonin and parathyroid hormone are not affected.

Osteonin is being evaluated as a way of reducing the progression of (and perhaps even reversing) osteoporosis, but there are concerns about its possible side effects. One osteologist said “We need to consider what effect osteonin will have on the concentration of calcium in the bloodstream over the course of the day (especially after eating and also after not eating for many hours) and the possible side effects this will lead to.”

In an essay of 1600 words please logically argue how osteonin will affect blood calcium over the course of 24 hours and how this will affect (a) the nervous system and (b) blood clotting. Then please argue how a person who is taking a weekly dose of osteonin might reduce these side-effects.

You will not find anything about osteonin on the internet or in medical journals. You will need to use your knowledge of normal and abnormal physiology to argue its side effects and how these might be reduced.

Requested length: 1600 words (excluding references)

Maximum length: 1800 words (excluding references)

Minimum number of references: one. This essay does not need a lot of references. I am looking for your logical and original arguments about the likely side effects of this drug.

Your essay does not need an abstract, table of contents or summary.

Please submit your essay as a .doc or .docx file. Do not submit a .pdf or any other file type.

Please do not include a front page with an illustration. Your name and student number are all that are needed on the front page of your essay.

Please double space your essay and use font 12.

Referencing: You may use either the Harvard (author-date) or American Psychological Association (APA) system of referencing.

Due date: Friday 28th August, 2015 at 3.00 PM (that’s 3.00 in the afternoon) AEST on Friday of Week 6.

Please upload your assignment in the block marked ‘Assessment’ on the left hand side of the course Moodle page.

Here is a link to a paper about the intention of the essay

Here are the essay assessment criteria (from the course profile):

HD (85% or higher): Original style and arguments, explaining concepts clearly and logically in the student’s own words without unexplained technical terms or great slabs of quotation. Extremely well-argued, including integrated, original, sustained arguments. Very well written—no ‘there’ where ‘their’ is appropriate, ‘it’s’ where ‘its’ should be, etc. with few or no grammatical errors. Referencing consistent in format throughout.

D (75–84%): Original style but not always argued clearly and logically, or written in the student’s own words. Well written, but with less originality than the HD standard discussed above. Well argued and appropriate criticism. No great slabs of quotation. Some grammatical errors. Referencing consistent in format throughout.

C (65–74%): Argument and discussion less clear, less original or poorly integrated. Perhaps some unexplained technical terms, or poorer explanation. Grammatical errors. Less obvious originality and more reliance on quotations. Referencing consistent in format throughout.

P (50–64%): Discussion and argument sketchy, with little evidence of understanding. Poorly written. Unexplained technical/physiological terms. A lot of direct quotes rather than use of own words. Poorer grammar. Referencing inconsistent and/or incomplete.

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