Organizational Leadership

| November 27, 2014

Organizational Leadership

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Papers must follow this FORMAT, and contain responses to all the questions in the subheadings and use the bold subheadings below:
(a.) Cover Page with APA running head and short heads.
(b.) Introduction to topic being covered.
(c.) Topic / Issue Identification: What are the central facts of the Case as in regards to the weekly topic/intervention, ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERShIP.

1 assumption you are making about these facts or missing facts regarding the Case?

2 What are the major, overriding issues regarding the Case?

3 What major issues/questions do this Case address that merits its study in this course?
(d.) Analysis / Evaluation: Analyze the Case in regards to the weekly topic/intervention, ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERShIP.

1 Who are the stakeholders and what are their stakes?

2 What threats, opportunities, or challenges are posed by these stakeholders?

3 What economic and ethical responsibilities do the organizations (or the management) have and what is the nature and extent of these responsibilities?

4 Describe the major tensions that exist among these responsibilities. If the case Analysis involves a company’s or manager’s past actions/decisions/practices, evaluate what they did or did not do well/right/ethically.

5 What principles, concepts, ideas, or models in OD relate to the decisions or actions that have been taken or should be taken in the case?

(e.) Recommendations: Identify the alternatives you recommend for dealing with this specific issue/topic in regards to the case. What are their advantages and disadvantages? What principles, concepts, or ideas covered in this course support your recommendations?

(f.) Learning Outcomes: Identify and summarize the key learning outcomes or conclusions you reached as a result of studying and analyzing this specific issue/topic in regards to the case.
Be sure to support all statements/recommendations with in-text citations and references to concepts/theory you have learned in your prior OD courses. You are required in each weekly paper to have a minimum of one reference per page to a scholarly journal or material used from a prior OD course.


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