Operations Management

| August 26, 2015

Operations Management

Choose an Operations Management problem relating to an organisation with which you are familiar and undertake a critical review. This should include (indicative marks provided):
1. An introduction to the problem, including an explanation of the process(es) under consideration (incorporating some form of process map) (25 Marks)
2. A brief description of two or three relevant Operations theories (the theories should address the underlying processes on which quality depends – do not rely on general quality/business process theory only) (15 Marks*)
3. A comparison of the theory with the process (15 Marks*)
4. Consideration of how potential changes would improve quality and/or customer requirements (15 Marks)
5. Recommendations, based on the comparison above, as to how the process(es) could be improved and the changes implemented, accompanied by a revised process map clearly showing the improvements (20 Marks)
6. Referencing both in text and in the Reference list, using the Harvard
System (10 marks)
*No more than 5 marks will be awarded if you only consider general (‘soft’) quality/business process theory (such as TQM, SERVQUAL, Six Sigma and BPR/BPM)
Normally, a published case study will not let you display the depth of knowledge of its Operations which this assignment requires, so you are advised to use an organisation with which you are familiar. The problem you select should be significant, it should allow you to make reference to the learning outcomes of the module as listed above, and it should relate mainly to the Operations of the organisation.
Examples of issues which would form the basis of the assignment include:
– Investment in new plant or machinery
– Location of business premises
– Implementation of new quality processes
– Development of products and processes
– Distribution of products
– Development of control processes
– The management of change projects
It is essential that you explain what changes need to be made to the operations processes to provide improvements in quality.
You should make use of the theory to critique organisational practice, and to develop recommendations showing how similar issues could be handled better.
You are expected to show evidence of reading beyond the online course material and basic internet resources (eg Wikipedia) and to reference using the Harvard system

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