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Module Leader:        Professor Ben Clegg

Coursework Title:

BNM810 – Operations Management – Coursework

The specific title should be adapted from the following example: ‘The case of [Company X] – an example of [Supplier Relationship Management] using [kraljic’s Matrix]’

Task Details/Description:

Choose any one topic from the module and write a structured essay giving an example that demonstrates some of its main concepts using just one of the conceptual frameworks / tools used to teach the topic. You should choose a case based on a real organisation, from your own research, to illustrate the topic and conceptual framework/ tool you have chosen. The case chosen should be different from those used in the lecture and directed reading, and should demonstrate that you are able to apply the knowledge from the lectures and tutorials to another real example.

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

1. Understanding of theory and conceptual frameworks / tools
2. Academic research skills
3. Application of theory and conceptual frameworks to a real operations management example
4. Business report writing and presentation skills

Report Requirements:

Word Count: Total words 1500 (plus appendices and references)

Font Size: Arial 12pt

Line Spacing: 1.5

Submission Date & Time:

The work is due in at the end of term. It is to be submitted on-line and in paper format. The date and time will be announced by the ABS Post Graduate Exams Office.

Assessment Weighting for the Module:

This coursework is worth 30% of overall module. It is an individual assignment in which collusion will not be tolerated.

Assessment Criteria

The essay should:
•    Give a brief background and explain the rationale for selecting the chosen topic and conceptual framework / tool (approx. 250 words)
•    Apply the conceptual framework / tool to a suitable case that has been found using research from quality and reliable sources (approx. 1000 words)
•    A brief summary of how the conceptual framework / tool helped to analyse the chosen case and give recommendations for improvements (approx. 250 words)
•    Contain references to academic papers and websites you have used
•    Use appendices of relevant material to support your writing where you think it is necessary.
Marks will be given for:
•    Evidence of having understood the topic and conceptual framework / tool chosen
•    Evidence of having conducted some focused relevant research, and having chosen a suitable case
•    Ability to apply conceptual framework / tool to the chosen case
•    Use of references
•    Use of relevant appendices
•    Clear and concise structure
•    Reflection on the use of the conceptual framework / tool to examine the case and topic
•    Use of good English, spelling and grammar.

Ethical Requirements

If collecting primary data please apply the Aston University ethical approval guidelines.

This work should not have been submitted to any other module for assessment as this is a form of self-plagiarism.

Essential Reading for Coursework Task
(if in addition to reading provided in the module outline):

Please start with the reading list for the module, and then use your own initiative.

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