Operation Managment

| August 22, 2015

Operation Managment

Requirement: 5 pages paper is needed, double line spacing, use operation perspective to answer the question, reference is needed.

1)    Wal-Mart has developed an efficient low cost hub-and-spoke distribution network. Why? Also, comment on the nature of vendor relations and how this might play into the issue of ‘low cost/ efficient operations’.
2)    Wal-Mart has two major potential sources of competitive advantage: a) Wal-Mart’s small town rural strategy; and b) Wal-Mart’s emphasis on nationally branded products and “everyday low prices”. Discuss how these two strategies have evolved and how they have influenced Wal-Mart’s market position over the years.
3)    Describe Wal-Mart’s culture and the impact it has (and has had) on the company.
4)    Consider the sustainability of Wal-Mart’s competitive advantage with respect to a) their rural strategy and b) their suburban strategy.

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